Sunday, January 2, 2011

Enlightenment .. it's personal

All grasping is fruitless, all hoping is in vain 

For hope is of a future which may or may not exist.
Expectation only bears sorrow, running only takes you in a circle.
For all paths lead to the one source.
And if you touch that source even for a timeless second
It's as if every bird had composed a song of joy especially for that moment.
As if every loving exchange you had ever encountered came flooding back 
to fill your heart and your dream-time.
The subtle sweetness of this meeting is silent. boundless
Beyond the clumsy search of words
And it will change you
Cell by cell, fibre by fibre, for all time.

Apology:  I do not remember where I heard these thoughts, and an extensive online search has not helped me identify the source.  I trust the being with such beauty within is fulfilled by their publication.