Friday, December 4, 2009

Changing consciousness with Dadi Janki

My first ever spiritual guide, HH Dadi Janki, was in Sydney, Australia briefly tonight. She hasn't been here for a long time but she's attending the World Religious Forum over the next few days in Melbourne so she dropped in. Despite her 90 something years and a long flight from Delhi she sparkled, inspiring several hundred people to cultivate peace, love and absolute truth so as to be in a state of happiness. The habit of daily meditation, she promised, allows us with practice to never need to feel that 'something is missing'. The power of Dadi Janki's presence in two meditations was awesome. It is difficult to describe in words. One enters an altered state of being, bathed in golden light, transcending the consciousness of oneself as a 'heavy' material body, then merging with the light, finding oneself quietly in bliss. Here peace and love merge to become absolute truth. This is who I am. Nothing missing. Nothing at all. Afterwards, there remains a consciousness of total well-being.